How do I get a User ID and Password?
What if I forget my User ID or Password?
Who do I contact if I need assistance?
What are the system requirements to use ANI?
How do I get out of the web site?

How do I get a User ID and Password?
Click on the New User button on the Login Page. After answering several questions you will be provided with a User ID and Password.

What if I forget my User ID or Password?
Your password is case sensitive. If you're having trouble logging in, check to make sure your Caps Lock key is not on. Try re-entering the Log in and Password fields, paying close attention to lower and uppercase letters.

    Password :
  • Must be greater than 8 characters long.
  • Must contain at least one upper case letter and one number.
  • Must not contain your user id.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Passwords must be different than the previous 12 passwords.
  • Password cannot be changed for 24 hours after the most recent change. Contact Support for help.
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Who do I contact if I need assistance?
The Contact Us form allows you to submit a message to the Home Office from within ANI. Fill in the required fields, add your message in the comments area and click on Submit to send the message. In general, you can expect a reply from the Home Office in 24-48 hours. If you know the name of the individual whom you wish to contact, adding their name in the comments area will help you receive a faster response.
If you need immediate assistance, contact the Agent Support Technical Center at 1-866-303-7833.
System Requirements
The Agent Net Info web site requires the following settings or software to be installed on the computer you're using in order to access the site and view documents within:
  • Screen resolution set at 800 X 600
  • Color palette set at 256 colors
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Windows Internet Explorer 8 or 9 is recommended.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher
  • Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher

Log Out
Agent Net Info is a secure site. Information within this site contains confidential client information. It is very important that you log out correctly.

To log out, click on the Log Out topic at the bottom of the Contents menu. You will return to the Log In page. From the Log In page you can go to another web site, close your browser, or log in again.
WARNING: The following are inappropriate ways to exit Agent Net Info. Any of these three will leave your connection open and unsecured. Do NOT:
  • Close your browser without clicking on Log Out first.
  • Click on the ‘Back’ button on your browser’s navigation bar to return to the Log In page.
  • Go to another web site without clicking on Log Out first.